The Other Side Of Up is a journey (amidst personal, social, philosophical and heartfelt themes) into the underbelly of existence. It is an exploration of other in every way we find it.  The unrequited lover, the indigent, the stranger, the dreamer, the demon, the animal that we all are.  The moon, the subconscious, the devil shadow of God.

What does the world look like with eyes closed? At heart it is an exploration of the sanctity of darkness, and the more-than good life…the whole life.

Don’t consume, participate. 


hanging the world starts with thinking different and ends with being different; with whole worlds of ingenuity in between. Art (like all things) is relational; the breathing between the artist, the offering, and you. It’s dynamic and alive; as much what you make it as what I do.


It means pay within your means.

Pay what it’s worth to you

I don’t write books to build an empire, but it does take trees and machines to print them, and time to write them. Your gift helps me keep giving.

If anyone knows about the book…

It’s because you told them.

I don’t have a marketing agency printing posters, distributors stocking bookstore shelves, or an agent booking readings.  Just you.

Thank you for being a part of this.

It’s nothing without you.

So most importantly, it means taking my words and making with them something only you could.

The Other Side Of Up


While the suggested gift for my offering is $16, your participation in this work is by no means limited to financial support.  If you don’t have it, give you what you can.  If you have more, help out those who don’t.  In either case, enjoy the book and tell your friends!

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The new world starts here.

It is my firm belief that the change this world is hungry for will never be the result of electing the right politicians.  Rather, it starts with TINY decisions.  Simple revisions.  We are all bombarded daily with the weight of a world spinning sideways, the result is more the burden of helplessness than it is the catalyst for change.  We need to find small, manageable ways to participate in the healing of our world.  For this reason, I’ve decided to take a percentage of everything you give to help ME, and use it to help someone else.  At this time I am working with Rotarians Against Malaria to do for the rest of the world what we in the US (and many other first world countries) have done for ourselves.  End the suffering and loss caused by this disease.


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