John Messenger


is where I end
and the world begins.

But I am more than this.

I know I am one shard of a shattered God,
and that as I am

I am not.

I know that for every cell that divides
there is nothing but
to re-unite.

All of us lost in the spaces
of this divine divide.

There is something to be said for learning
to be separate, in the same way I am grateful
for who has become of the breaking,
where there was less giving than taking.

So I will not call God foolish for the Devil It’s made,
but nor will I sing like the Psalmists
that the Lord is my shade.

It is mending
but it is broken,
and the break is the fissures of space
that run between skin,
and the saints that call the becoming
of whole again sin.

Everything I do that gets me closer to you –
and you are the rest of me
or I am the rest of you –

is all there is to do.


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